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Safety and Security Notes


Just a reminder on safety in the shed, we ask members to follow the rules:

•           Comply with the NSW Government website at : https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/stay-safe/rules

•           Keep walkways clear to ensure clear pathways to exits in case of an emergency and to avoid trip hazards.

•           Always look for hazards in the shed and either eliminate them or promptly inform the Duty Officer or a Committee Member

•           Keep your medical records in the shed up to date. These records are important in a medical emergency so a paramedic can see your medical history and apply the correct treatment. Your medical records are kept in a sealed envelope in a file near the sign in book. If you need help updating your medical record(s) please speak to the Duty Officer or a member of the Committee.

•           Always wear your MMS ID badges. Not only is this so other members know your name, it is important in the case of a medical emergency so others can access your medical records for a paramedic

•           Always wear appropriate clothing and covered in shoes to ensure your safety whilst near machines and heavy objects in the shed.

•           Use safe lifting practices and to always use a ladder safely to reach high objects.

•           Never use machines or perform high risk tasks if you if you are the only person in the shed.

Shed Security

We have a great facility at the shed and it is important that we look after it. Please ensure the following:

•           If you spot any hazards in the shed that create a risk to the security of the building please let the Duty Officer or a Committee members know.

•           Report any equipment failures to the Duty Officer or a Committee member.

•           If you open any external doors, gates or container doors, please ensure you close and lock them, even if you are not the last person in the shed.

•           Always promptly return any shed keys to the key cabinet in the Kitchen.

•           If you are the last person to leave the shed please:

            Never leave the shed unattended unless it is securely locked up. Either follow the lockup procedure or contact someone who can lockup the shed.

            Check all lights are switched off and especially check any items that could cause a fire are switched off. Examples include soldering irons, heaters, cooking appliances.

            Check ALL external doors and gates are closed and secure, even if you did not open them.

            Especially check roller doors that may have reopened as you walked away.

            Check exit gates are fully closed and latched (especially the North exit gate) and containers are padlocked

            Set the alarm with the front door closed, otherwise the alarm system bypasses the front door sensor.

            Always lock the front door by depressing the button on the inside lock first before pulling the door shut. Check the front door is locked by operating the handle from the outside and pulling on the door.